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Medical Records Fee For Patients

Written Records: No Charge
Imaging CDs: $10 per complete CD copy


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How long can it take to process my request? 3-5 Days**
Can I order my records with my phone/tablet? Yes
Will I be told when my request is ready? Yes, immediately, by text message (see sample texts below)
Can I access my own records? Yes
Can I print/email/save/fax my records? Yes, and you can share them with any 3rd party when and how you want
How are my records made available? Online only for written records.*  Pick-up or mail for Imaging CDs.***
Can I view my records on my phone/tablet? Yes


* Questions and answers on this page are related to online orders only. If you do not wish to order online, return to the previous webpage and follow the instructions to complete and submit a paper request form.

** The timeframe specified above for written records excludes weekends and holidays.

***The Imaging CD pick-up location is Vital Records Control (VRC), 2830 Drake Avenue SW, Huntsville, AL 35805.

SAMPLE TEXTS - You will receive text messages similar to these samples:
Your Medical Records request is in process. When complete, you will get Acct # and PIN # for online access.
(The Orthopaedic Center)
Your Medical Records are ready!
Go to https://myroiplus.com
Account #: xxxxxx
PIN #: xxxx
(The Orthopaedic Center)

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